Free Printable Kids Party Invite

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Very much like wedding invites, kids part invites can be just as exciting. My mom used to buy us those invitation pads that you filled in and then handed out the next day. There were all sorts of different themed pads, and I always struggled deciding which ones to buy. I wanted to fill out and
address the invites myself, but I’m pretty sure my mom had to do most of the work.
For today’s printable I’ve designing my own version of such a pad, animal themed. There are 3 different watercolour animals, a rhino, an elephant and a hippo. The invite wording will then go on the back, and in the place of an envelope you can use cute little brown paper bags and stick a label
on the front. I’m sure the kids will be able to help cutting out the animals and also learn a bit about each of them.

What will you be needing:
 Printed invites on medium to heavy weight paper (double sided)
 Printed labels on sticker paper
 Small brown or white paper bags
 A pen or pencil
 Scissor

1) Fill out the invites back with the party details, as well as the labels
2) Cut the invites out along the dotted lines using the scissor
3) Insert the invites in the brown paper bag, fold the bag over and fasten it with the label.

You can download the printable here:
Elephant (English)
Elephant (Afrikaans)
Rhino (English)
Rhino (Afrikaans)
Hippo (English)
Hippo (Afrikaans)
Afrikaans Labels
English Labels


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