Free Printable Christmas Cake Topper

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Christmas is a time that brings back all those fond childhood memories. For me those were mostly spend on the beach in Struisbaai (completely sunburned), having sand everywhere, drinking rooibos tea and eating all my grandma’s delicious treats. She was a seriously gifted baker, so you can just imagine how she spoiled us.

One of the many things she baked was fruitcake. This was a delicasy, and only good enough for Sundays and Christmas. Filled with fruits, nuts, and of course, lots of brandy 🙂

For todays printable, I’ve designed you a lovely festive cake topper. This will work with any type of dessert you are serving over the festive season (even trifle) and will add that extra special touch.

What you will need:

Cake topper printed out on heavy weight A4 paper


2 Sosatie sticks

Glue dots (but any type of glue will work)

Your delicious dessert

Step 1

Cut out the printable along the edges using the scissor

Step 2

Fasten the 2 sosatie sticks to the cake topper using the glue dots

Step 3

Stick it into your dessert. Voila!


Fruitcake recipe (daai een van Ilze wat julle gaan post)

Wreath was made of a pool noodle (stuck together with duck tape) and covered with strips of hessian & rosemary.

You can download it here:
Afrikaans with guides
Afrikaans without guides
English with guides
English without guides


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