DIY Succulents Terrarium

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I’m currently obsessed with all things natural and green. From beauty products, to the food we eat and (of course) caring for the earth. I’m still taking baby steps, but I believe it’s the small things we do that really does make a difference in the end. 

As mentioned in a previous DIY post, I’ve really grown into quite gardener the past few years. There is just something about having plants around you and seeing them grow and blossom before your eyes. 

Recently I’ve seen succulent terrariums everywhere: in shops, on the internet and even at weddings. They’re such an incredibly smart idea. Succulents are probably the easiest plant to care for, as they literally need a spoon full of water a week (chances are it will rather die from overwatering). They are awesome indoor plants as they will never mess and look gorgeous all year round. They are really very cheap and easy to propagate from a leaf cuttings.

What you will need:

A glass bowl or container (could be of any size or shape).

A handful of pebbles

Potting soil or plain old sand will do as well

A few different succulents

Some more pebbles or bark to cover the top of your terrarium


  1. Firstly wash your glass bowl, to make sure there is nothing that could possibly harm your new terrarium
  2. Fill it with a layer of pebbles
  3. Insert your succulents and cover with the soil. This layer can be as thick as you want (depends on the bowl you are using)
  4. Decorate the top with some more pebbles or bark.

Caring for you Succulents Terrarium:

I give my terrarium about 2 tablespoons of water per week. Depending on the size of the terrarium and the amount of plants you will have to adjust. Succulents prefer lots of sun, but will do just fine wherever you decide to make it stand.


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